Available Swift Packages - 24th Feb 2016

This site lists top 200 Swift Packages by github stars identified using the URL https://swiftpkgs.ng.bluemix.net/api/packages?items=500

Where the project builds, an online hyperlinked version of the source is available to audition a package without having to download it.
Packages where built on OSX using the Feb 8th version of the Swift Toolchain and Package manager and indexed using siteify.
The source on this site retains the copyright of the original owners as specified in the original project and are updated weekly.

Alamofire/Alamofire14776 ★17 files
SwiftyJSON/SwiftyJSON8880 ★1 file
SnapKit/SnapKit4863 ★12 files
ReactiveX/RxSwift3351 ★143 files
realm/SwiftLint3267 ★68 files
duemunk/Async2994 ★1 file
qutheory/vapor2599 ★32 files
mattt/Surge2498 ★9 files
glock45/swifter1514 ★17 files
kishikawakatsumi/KeychainAccess1346 ★1 file
daltoniam/SwiftHTTP1306 ★5 files
necolt/Swifton1133 ★28 files
Zewo/Venice919 ★16 files
elliottminns/blackfish798 ★34 files
SwiftyBeaver/SwiftyBeaver784 ★4 files
bignerdranch/Freddy740 ★9 files
antitypical/Result721 ★2 files
Swiftline/Swiftline686 ★28 files
JensRavens/Interstellar681 ★6 files
Anviking/Decodable663 ★7 files
johnlui/Pitaya660 ★13 files
hkellaway/Gloss635 ★6 files
marmelroy/Localize-Swift610 ★1 file
devxoul/Then608 ★1 file
indragiek/SwiftAutoLayout575 ★1 file
kylef/Stencil519 ★19 files
Zewo/Zewo516 ★118 files
kylef/PathKit515 ★1 file
lyft/mapper512 ★7 files
onevcat/Rainbow486 ★11 files
Swinject/Swinject482 ★20 files
kylef/Commander460 ★19 files
ovenbits/ModelRocket449 ★7 files
huytd/swift-http443 ★2 files
drmohundro/SWXMLHash433 ★1 file
ikesyo/Himotoki346 ★10 files
thii/SwiftHEXColors300 ★1 file
qutheory/fluent289 ★8 files
kylef/Curassow288 ★32 files
oisdk/SwiftSequence281 ★16 files
sharplet/Regex280 ★6 files
tidwall/Safe276 ★5 files
takebayashi/swiftra268 ★14 files
harlanhaskins/Punctual.swift268 ★1 file
daltoniam/JSONJoy-Swift263 ★1 file
DenHeadless/Transporter208 ★3 files
nestproject/Frank190 ★45 files
Carthage/Commandant189 ★10 files
thoughtbot/Delta172 ★4 files
nestproject/Nest168 ★1 file
kylef/Spectre151 ★8 files
jessesquires/JSQNotificationObserverKit148 ★1 file
bignerdranch/Deferred140 ★10 files
postmates/PMJSON116 ★9 files
gfx/Swift-PureJsonSerializer97 ★5 files
jakeheis/SwiftCLI95 ★15 files
behrang/YamlSwift89 ★6 files
kylef/URITemplate.swift74 ★1 file
neonichu/Chores63 ★1 file
neonichu/Azkaban59 ★11 files
anpol/DispatchKit51 ★15 files
Zewo/Router45 ★35 files
johnno1962/NSLinux41 ★2 files
johnno1962/Dynamo40 ★10 files
Zewo/JSON35 ★8 files
Zewo/HTTP32 ★29 files
Zewo/WebSocket26 ★84 files
Zewo/POSIXRegex25 ★3 files
elliottminns/echo25 ★6 files
Zewo/Core24 ★17 files
tbaranes/VersionTrackerSwift21 ★1 file
takebayashi/http4swift21 ★8 files
IBM-Swift/BlueSocket18 ★3 files
Zewo/Mustache18 ★29 files
novi/Kunugi17 ★10 files
nestproject/Inquiline16 ★4 files
kylef/spectre-build14 ★19 files
nvzqz/Roman12 ★1 file
Zewo/URI12 ★3 files
Zewo/SQL11 ★36 files
Zewo/OpenSSL10 ★38 files
lorentey/BigInt10 ★20 files
jjb3rd/HttpBasicAuth8 ★3 files
johnno1962/DynamoLinux7 ★13 files
tbaranes/AudioPlayerSwift6 ★1 file
IBM-Swift/HeliumLogger4 ★3 files
Zewo/Stream3 ★3 files
neonichu/Clock3 ★19 files
IBM-Swift/Kitura-TestFramework3 ★8 files
lorentey/BTree2 ★8 files
IBM-Swift/LoggerAPI2 ★1 file
glessard/shuffle2 ★2 files
IBM-Bluemix/swift-helloworld2 ★6 files
Zewo/TrieRouteMatcher1 ★31 files
pelias/pelias-ios-sdk1 ★6 files
lorentey/Deque1 ★1 file
IBM-Swift/Kitura-sys1 ★5 files
Zewo/HTTPSClient0 ★75 files
Zewo/TCP0 ★28 files
elliottminns/vaquita0 ★8 files
Zewo/InterchangeData0 ★3 files
Zewo/MediaTypeParserCollection0 ★5 files
Zewo/RegexRouteMatcher0 ★31 files
norio-nomura/swift-corelibs-xctest0 ★5 files
Zewo/System0 ★1 file
Zewo/HTTPSServer0 ★75 files
Zewo/Event0 ★2 files
Zewo/ChannelStream0 ★20 files
Zewo/UDP0 ★22 files
Zewo/MediaType0 ★1 file
Zewo/TCPSSL0 ★49 files
Zewo/LogMiddleware0 ★50 files
aktowns/Signals0 ★1 file
Zewo/HTTPClient0 ★55 files
Zewo/Base640 ★3 files
Zewo/HTTPFile0 ★50 files
Zewo/HTTPServer0 ★55 files
Zewo/Log0 ★24 files
Zewo/String0 ★2 files
The following modules would not build and index on OSX for a variety of reasons...
Quick/Quick4191 ★build log
onevcat/Kingfisher3817 ★build log
apple/swift-package-manager3517 ★build log
ankurp/Dollar2964 ★build log
JakeLin/IBAnimatable2847 ★build log
krzyzanowskim/CryptoSwift1752 ★build log
daltoniam/Starscream1549 ★build log
ReSwift/ReSwift1277 ★build log
Alamofire/AlamofireImage1220 ★build log
socketio/socket.io-client-swift1065 ★build log
Quick/Nimble1014 ★build log
IBM-Swift/Kitura1001 ★build log
ArtSabintsev/Siren864 ★build log
emaloney/CleanroomLogger662 ★build log
Ramotion/reel-search638 ★build log
jatoben/CommandLine533 ★build log
ArtSabintsev/FontBlaster527 ★build log
marmelroy/Zip497 ★build log
jpsim/SourceKitten474 ★build log
PureSwift/SwiftFoundation440 ★build log
ReactKit/SwiftState433 ★build log
alexeyxo/protobuf-swift364 ★build log
piemonte/Player347 ★build log
devxoul/URLNavigator342 ★build log
FabrizioBrancati/BFKit-Swift308 ★build log
piemonte/Twinkle298 ★build log
ArtSabintsev/Magic281 ★build log
ArtSabintsev/Zephyr276 ★build log
AliSoftware/Reusable254 ★build log
nuclearace/Socket.IO-Client-Swift238 ★build log
groue/GRMustache.swift193 ★build log
neonichu/Chocolat175 ★build log
MLSDev/TRON163 ★build log
AliSoftware/Dip147 ★build log
dennisweissmann/DeviceKit118 ★build log
kylef/JSONWebToken.swift113 ★build log
uraimo/SwiftyGPIO105 ★build log
kylef/WebLinking.swift74 ★build log
Alamofire/AlamofireNetworkActivityIndicator74 ★build log
hamin/FayeSwift50 ★build log
Zewo/PostgreSQL45 ★build log
the-hypermedia-project/representor-swift44 ★build log
emaloney/CleanroomASL40 ★build log
ndavon/NDHpple38 ★build log
TomasLinhart/SwiftGtk33 ★build log
vadymmarkov/Beethoven32 ★build log
uraimo/Bitter31 ★build log
scottrhoyt/SwiftyTextTable27 ★build log
sgr-ksmt/PDFGenerator16 ★build log
uraimo/5110LCD_PCD8544.swift13 ★build log
Zewo/MySQL13 ★build log
vadymmarkov/Pitchy9 ★build log
ibm-wearables-sdk-for-mobile/ibm-wearables-swift-sdk9 ★build log
aktowns/swen8 ★build log
contentful/contentful.swift6 ★build log
IBM-Swift/Kitura-TodoList6 ★build log
PureSwift/BinaryJSON6 ★build log
crossroadlabs/Regex5 ★build log
Zewo/COpenSSL5 ★build log
IBM-Swift/Kitura-net4 ★build log
recisio/IncrementableLabel4 ★build log
Zewo/CLibvenice4 ★build log
IBM-Swift/Kitura-redis3 ★build log
IBM-Swift/Kitura-router3 ★build log
nodes-ios/Codemine3 ★build log
IBM-DTeam/swift-ibm_db2 ★build log
Zewo/CMySQL2 ★build log
Zewo/COpenSSL-OSX2 ★build log
jpsim/SourceKit2 ★build log
Zewo/CLibpq2 ★build log
Zewo/CURIParser2 ★build log
necolt/URITemplate.swift1 ★build log
neonichu/spectre-build1 ★build log
lyft/SwiftLint1 ★build log
PureSwift/CJSONC1 ★build log
PureSwift/CUUID1 ★build log
qutheory/csqlite1 ★build log
IBM-Swift/Kitura-CouchDB1 ★build log
IBM-Swift/Kitura-Pcre21 ★build log
Zewo/CLibpq-OSX1 ★build log
Zewo/CHTTPParser1 ★build log
emaloney/AppleSystemLogSwiftPackage0 ★build log
IBM-DTeam/swift-ibm_db-linker0 ★build log
TomasLinhart/CGtk-Linux0 ★build log
IBM-Swift/Kitura-hiredis0 ★build log
aktowns/CXML20 ★build log
DanielTomlinson/JSON0 ★build log
bignerdranch/AtomicSwift0 ★build log
IBM-Swift/Kitura-HttpParserHelper0 ★build log
aktowns/CSDL0 ★build log
TomasLinhart/CGtk-OSX0 ★build log
neonichu/Decodable0 ★build log
aktowns/CChipmunk2D0 ★build log
PureSwift/CStatfs0 ★build log
aktowns/CTMX0 ★build log
ndavon/Clibxml20 ★build log
necolt/Stencil0 ★build log